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Eye Treatments

Eyelash Tint 25 minutes: £16

Eyebrow Tint 15 minutes: £16

Eyebrow Shape 15 minutes: £12

Eyebrow Tint & Shape 30 minutes: £22

Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint and Shape 45 minutes: £32

Brow Henna 60 minutes: £45

Brow Lamination 60 minutes: £65

LVL Lashes 60 minutes: £65

LVL straightens your natural eyelashes at the root, so unlike a traditional lash perm it creates the effect of longer, lifted lashes. They’ll stay that way for six weeks. The results are immediate, plus the added lash tint creates a mascara-type effect so you are always ready to go.

Party Lashes

Full Look 15 minutes: £30

Natural Look 10 minutes: £20

Semi Permanent Lash Extensions

Weak, thin, light lashes are transformed – one lash at a time – into a long, thick, luxurious set. The process involves attaching single strands of high quality synthetic lashes onto your own natural lashes to mimic, enhance, and ‘extend’ your own natural lashes. A variety of extensions are applied to add volume, length and curl. Styling of lashes are highly customised to create a look that is bespoke to you.

1:1 Lashes

Full Set 90 minutes: £80

In-fills 1-2 weeks: £40

In-fills 2-3 weeks: £50

Volume Lashes 2D – 6D

Full Set 120 minutes: £100

In-fills 1-2 weeks: £50

In-fills 2-3 weeks: £60

Lash removal 20 minutes: £20