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MicroZone Facial (30 minutes) £45

Our skin therapists will analyse your skin then perform a zone-specifc treatment designed to solve your skin problem. MicroZone treatments are a cost-effective quick fix for troubled skin.

Skin Health Facial (60 minutes) £80

This facial will be unique to each individual client, targeting specifc concerns and restoring optimum skin health.

Deep Cleanse Facial (75 minutes) £90

This treatment will focus on purifying the skin, helping to clear and prevent blemishes and congestion that has built up over time. Break outs have finally met their match!

Pro Collagen Age Defy Facial (75 minutes) £80

Tackle fine lines and wrinkles with the clinically proven* age-defying benefits of marine charged Padina Pavonica and Red Coral. Targeted massage encourages optimum cellular function for nourished, younger-looking skin.

Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial (60 minutes) £80

A nutritional boost rich in superfoods and essential minerals designed to pack stressed, dull skin with energising, detoxifying actives. Clinically proven* to leave your skin plumper, radiant and lit up with good health.

Sensitive Skin Soother Facial (60 minutes) £75

Fragile skin needs special attention. A soothing massage technique helps reduce the appearance of redness and protect against daily stresses. Texture and moisture levels are dramatically restored. Skin is left supremely soothed, comfortable and calm.

Men’s MicroZone Facial (30 minutes) £45

Our skin therapists will analyse your skin, then perform a zone-specific treatment designed to solve your skin problem. MicroZone treatments are a cost-effective, quick fx for troubled skin.

Men’s High Performance Skin Energiser Facial (50 minutes) £75

The hard-working facial for ageing, dehydrated skin and tired eyes. It maximises cell regeneration, as steam and extraction decongests. Multi-dynamic facial massage sequences boost circulation, whilst scalp and foot massage deeply relax.

Men’s Deep Cleanse Facial (75 minutes) £90

Optimum skin health is just a treatment away; Each step is customised to ensure a treatment as individual as you, all your skin concerns are addressed in the one treatment. This includes deep cleansing, extractions, exfoliant and mask

Adwanced Facials

Pro-Age Neuro Lift Facial (60 minutes) £90

Oily/Acne Skin Facial (Acne Hacker Therapy) (60 minutes) £90

Triple Complex Hydrogen Facial (75 minutes) £140

C- Fusion Glow Facial (60 minutes) £140

Meso-Botox Effect Facial (60 minutes) £150

Beauty Ceremony (60 minutes) £160

Chemical Peels

Acid Peels. Prices start from £90

Acid peel is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck or hands. A chemical solution is applied to the skin, which makes it “blister” and
eventually peel off. The new skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. In Top Medical Clinic, our cosmetologist performs almond peel, glycolic peel and ferulic acid with vitamin C peel.

Azelaic Peel (Rosacea & Sensitive) (45 minutes) £120

Phyto-Fenol Peel (Discolorations) (45 minutes) £120

Acid Peel (Mandelic, Pyruvic) (45 minutes) £90

Rejuvenating Amber Peel (45 minutes) £90

Biorfpeels (45 minutes) £120